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One Of The Most Effective Weight Loss Programs In San Luis Obispo County


Why Choose TNC Weight Loss?


What makes TNC Weight Loss program better than others?

Some programs make you choose their food plan.

Some programs require surgery.   

Some programs require a tremendous amount of exercise. 

TNC Weight Loss requires none of the above

Our program uses FDA approved prescription medications to control your appetite, with suggestions on a healthy diet, a moderate exercise regime  along with vitamins and supplements.  The medications make your brain happy while you consume less calories.  These low dose medications decrease your appetite and make you feel full. 

The  reason we get results far exceeding those seen at other weight loss centers is that we tailor the program for each patient. After reaching your goal weight we taper your medications to the lowest effective dose.  We put you on a maintenance program, if you feel you still need some medical assistance.   

Our study results show an average weight loss over a 3 month time period to be 13.36%   

and an average loss of body fat to be 25.45% during the same 3 month time period.  

Over 6 months, the average weight loss is 18.98% and average loss of body fat is 36.68%.

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TCN Weight Loss Program Benefits

  • Customized plan designed to suit your health profile!  
  • Healthy and rapid weight loss!  
  • Losing weight without feeling hungry!  
  • Simple and easy to follow program!  
  • Weight loss without heavy exercise!  
  • Close monitoring and guidance by Board Certified MD to ensure success!  

              We treat obesity like you would treat blood pressure and cholesterol.